Concrete Block Machines & Forms

FESCO Direct offers block machines and forms of all types. Please contact us regarding specific size/type of concrete product forms.

4048 Eagle Excel Rapid Mold Filling Machine


Large hydraulic line sizes, head and mould strip torsional equalizers, roll in track travel, and its reversible rotary feed box agitator make this system great for for rapid mould filling.

    • Nominal Moulding Area: 40 inches (1016mm) front to back x 48 inches (1219mm) side to side.
    • Maximum Moulding Area: 42 inches (1068mm) x 52 inches (1320mm).
    • Product Height Range: 0.75 inches (19mm) to 12 inches (305mm).
    • Nominal Pallet: 45 inches (1143mm) x 55 inches (1397mm) with and adjustable range from 43 to 48 inches x 55 to 57 inches.
    • Approximate machine weight: 30,000 pounds less the HPU.
    • Hydraulic Motor: 75 hp (56kw).
    • Lower Vibrator: 50 hp total (37kw) with rapid (<0.5sec) engagement and removal.
    • Upper Vibrator: 11.6 hp (8.6kw).
    • Hydraulic Pump: 75 GPM (164cm^3/rev) with temperature controlled tank heater and return line cooling.
    • Hydraulic Accumulator: 10 Gal (37.85 liter).
    • Large hydraulic line sizes for rapid cycle rate.
    • Head and mould strip torsional equalizers for uniform mould motion and alignment.
    • Roll in track travel and reversible rotary feed box agitator system for rapid mould filling.
    • PLC Operator control interface with diagnostic messages

Eagle 36×36 Block Machine

The Eagle 36 x 36 is both economical and dependable. With low maintenance cost and proven performance, this machine makes you money.

    • Low maintenance cost
    • Simple electronic circuitry
    • Proven performance – makes you money
    • Simple to operate, simple to service
    • Accepts side, rear, or front core pullers
    • Top and bottom vibration for high density products
    • Cycle time up to six cycles per minute depending on product.
    • Fast mold change; makes producing several products in one day a reality
    • Four post height control system for exacting and reliable height control
    • Finger agitation system for consistent fast filling of the mold box (rotary optional)
    • Versatility, capable of producing products from 7/8″ (22mm) to 12″ (305mm) height
    • P.L.C. (Programmable Logic Controller) system with preselect programs and display message center
    • Variable frequency control up to 5000 RPM and adjustable centrifugal force 4000 to 20000 LBS (optional)
    • Available in three sizes: 24″ X 36″ (610mm X 914mm), 24″ X 48″ (610mm X 1219mm), 36″ X 36″ (900mm X 900mm)

MF-4 Casting Machine

Our “MF” series casting unit is significantly upgraded, with improved vibration and power upgrades to assure uniform materials distribution in the mold to achieve high strength and good appearance. Product height ranges from under one inch for thin sets to up to 12 inches for construction block. Customers use their MF machines for everything from edgings and splash blocks to pavers, pool copings, patio slabs, retaining wall and erosion products and building block. The MF machine is easy to operate and extremely versatile. Continued advances and improvements keep the MF machine among the most profitable pre-casters in the industry. The MF4 should be your top choice to enter the field of masonry production, or expand your existing business.

The MF-4 machine is a fully automatic pallet specialty machine and is electrically/hydraulically designed for the production of building block and specialty products.

    • Pallet size 27×39 (686mmx991mm)
    • Production Area 24×36 (610mmx914mm)
    • Maximum Product Height 12” (305mm)
    • Minimum Product Height 7/8” (22mm)
The MF-4 machine is equipped with two chrome guide shafts for the guiding of the press head. Specially designed press heads consist of massive isolated vibration and vibrators. The purpose of the feed drawer is to fill the mold cavities with mix. This feed drawer is equipped with wear parts, and a patented filling agitation system which ensures consistent, fast filling of the mold box. Located above the feed drawer is the isolated material hopper. The hopper is isolated from the vibration of the machine to ensure consistent, fast filling. The MF-4 is equipped with a pallet feeder/ejector system which places the pallet onto the vibration table (pop up design) while at the same time ejecting a freshly used pallet. Located away from the casting machine is the hydraulic power station. The station is complete with all necessary valves, regulators and gauges. (Station is separate item, priced separately. We offer the machine foundation pad blueprints. The foundation will support the vibration table, which enables the intense vibration to be transmitted to the mold and not the entire casting machine. The table vibration system comes complete with high frequency vibrators. Machine comes with new factory warranty.

Mobile Block Plant

The Mobile Plant is an affordable solution to on site, mortarless block, paver, and retaining wall production. With the Mobile Plant, we are able to produce up to 1000, 8″ x 8″ x 16″ units per hour and 1600 sq. ft. of pavers per hour! Top and bottom vibration and 4-height post probe system ensures high density and accurate products.

The automated plant comes complete with:

    • Mobile block machinery
    • Mobile batch plant
    • Mobile cement silo
    • Portable generator
    • 2000 production pallets

Keep in mind, the plant can be broken down into smaller elements to reduce startup investment. In some cases, output remains the same and additional labor is all that is needed. We can also insert renovated equipment to lower the investment and still provide warranties and service as if it were new.

Concrete Molds and Forms

We believe the key to a successful operation is in the product design and choosing a top quality mold to ensure the products accuracy. We have over 8000 Stone shapes to choose from. If you have your own or are considering a new product, simply send us the actual product sketch or photo and we can help you create your product dream into reality. Our machines are capable of producing almost any shape and texture of block you want. This page is provided to show you just a little of what can be achieved when you use our machine.

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