Mobile and Portable Ready Mix Plants

What is the difference between a mobile and portable concrete plant?

Answer: Technically nothing.  When a concrete plant is listed as mobile or portable, that simply means it was designed to be moved.  Our rule of thumb is a mobile concrete plant is able to be easily transported to a site and setup without the use of additional equipment such as a telehandler or crane.  We consider a portable concrete plant a plant that was designed to be moved (usually has factory installed axles and king pins, often install in modules) but requires additional equipment for install such as a crane or telehandler. In reality their is no specific guideline to outline the difference between a mobile concrete plant or portable concrete plant.

When selecting a plant, you should be focused on the overall production rate, the time, equipment and manpower needed for setup and take down as well as any other special requirements you may have such as automation, cement or aggregate storage minimums, etc.

The following are the most popular mobile and portable concrete batch plants we sell.

Mustang Portable Concrete Batch Plant (Ready Mix Plant)

stephens-mustang-portable-concrete-plant The Mustang portable concrete plant was designed to be moved easily with minimal site preparation.

    • 400 BBL in-truss silo
    • (2) 10″ cement transfer screws
    • 70 ton aggregate bin (3 or 4 compartment)
    • 3″ water
    • 12 yard batch
    • 150 cu. yards per hour

Eagle Portable Concrete Batch Plant (Ready Mix Plant)

stephens-eagle-portable-concrete-plant The eagle concrete batch plant is a portable concrete plant designed for frequent moves with easy transport and minimal erection time. This portable concrete batch plant is equipped with these standard features.

    • 350 BBL In Truss Cement Silo (larger silo available)
    • (2) 10″ cement transfer screws
    • 70 ton agg bin (larger agg bin available)
    • 3″ water
    • 30″ transfer conveyor
    • 12 yard agg batcher / 14 yard cement batcher
    • 150+ cu. yards per hour

stephens-eagle-concrete-plant-brochureEagle Portable Concrete Batch Plant Brochure
stephens-eagle-concrete-plant-video-linkEagle Concrete Plant Video

 Low Volume Mobile Concrete Plant (Ready Mix Plant)

on-site-concrete-mixing-plant Our most basic concrete plant. Great for lower production rates.

  • Aggregate Bin charging height 7’3″ (charge with a ramped Skid steer)
  • 24″ belt conveyor to feed aggregate to truck (12′ discharge height)
  • 200 BBL Cement Silo
  • 6″ cement Screw (700 lbs/minute)
  • 40+ cu. yards per hour

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