Precast/Products Plants

Precast and Concrete Product Plants

precast-or-product-sized-concrete-batch-plant Precast concrete batch plant and concrete product plants vary dramatically in style, design and production.  Some companies need small concrete plants, others need much larger concrete batching plants. We have various concrete batch plant options available from skid and trailer mounted to large custom designed. These precast concrete plants can also be customized according to your projects specific needs.

Not only can FESCO Direct provide the right concrete batching equipment for your precast concrete plant or concrete product plant, but we can also help with you select the proper material storage, feed system, concrete mixer and even final product conveying method for your concrete plant. The one thing in common with every precast batch plant and concrete product business is they need to have a way to store raw material, move the material from storage to the concrete batch plant, mix the material into concrete and move the mixed concrete away from the concrete plant.

We understand a business filling a couple dozen molds with concrete has different storage, production and budget requirements than a large high production pre-stressed operation. We have solutions for both as well as the companies somewhere in the middle. No project is too large or small.

Another common challenge with precast, pre-stressed, and concrete product companies is often times their equipment needs to be integrated into existing buildings or existing systems. Height, distance, space and many other factors all impact the equipment and layout of an operation in addition to the overall concrete production requirements you are looking for.

We know as a business owner you have a lot going on.  Demand stations, multiple mixer operations, overfill protection, configuration and design within and existing building or integration with existing equipment and operations are all withing our scope of understanding.  We will guide you through the process asking you questions about your overall goals so we can make sure all the details are covered.

Our experienced design engineers have worked in thousands of facilities and are up to the challenge of your project.

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