Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Plants

Roller Compacted Concrete is a highly durable pavement that provides the strength of concrete and installs faster than asphalt. It is a new way to construct local streets and roads, parking areas, and even large civil projects like dams. Best of all the cost to install and maintain roller compacted concrete (also know as RCC) is lower than asphalt with an equally smooth ride.

The ingredients of RCC are the same as traditional concrete: sand, aggregate (stone), cement and water, although the mix design will change according to the project. The material is usually mixed in specialized continuous mixing equipment at or near the job site and delivered in dump trucks because the material is much dryer than traditional concrete. The RCC is placed with asphalt pavers and compacted with rollers and does not require forms or reinforcement steel.

Our innovative rcc equipment line offers a portable solution that enables a traditional ready mix plant to produce RCC or be used in soil remediation or other mixed applications.

Portable RCC Trailer
Roller Compacted Concrete


The portable RCC plant trailer converts any existing ready mix plant into an RCC plant capable of producing RCC at 5.3 cu. yards per 90 second, or up to 200 cu. yards per hour if your concrete plant will support the production.

This highly portable trailerized Roller Compacted Concrete mixer is equipped with a Sicoma MAO 6000 twin shaft mixer. The rcc mixer includes a full width access hatch, standard alarm unit for faulty shaft seal lubrication, waterproof door with non rubbing positive closing action, swing out drive assembly for fast accessibility and maintenance free dry shaft seals.

As an additional bonus, the portable RCC mixing trailer is also available with a high pressure washout system to make clean up of your rcc mixer fast and easy. The powerful pump and twin oscillating spray bars create powerful jets of water within the mixer, and connects to a handgun for tough corners making proper cleanup simple.

stephens-rcc-trailer-mixer-brochure Portable RCC Mixer brochure
stephens-rcc-trailer-mixer-video RCC Mixer Video

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