Automatic Control System

Archer Automatic Control For Concrete Plants


The Archer concrete batch plant control system is a modern batch control operating on proven and tested platforms designed specifically with concrete batching in mind.

The user interfaces with two or more LED screens connected to a typical PC computer that communicates seamlessly with a propriety PLC processor that controls the various functions of the concrete plant. Archer’s innovative design is built with proven technology for today’s evolving demands and concrete plants, but is incredibly easy for even un-experienced or new operators to use.

The Archer automatic concrete batch plant control system offer better responsiveness, greater inventory control, and less down time then our competitors.

Advanced users may choose to add more advanced features to the batch system that allow them monitor and adjust product pricing, customers, production, and fleet location.

BatchTron I Batch Plant Control


From ready mix plant to small portable concrete plants and precast concrete plants, BatchTron I give you outstanding value, and has all the features that make its bigger brothers so powerful and easy to use while keeping the cost to an absolute minimum.

Pre-programmed to fit many concrete batch plants. Whether yours is a dry ready mix plant, premix plant with concrete mixer, has an aggregate holding hopper over the concrete mixer or just a belt feeder, you can select it from the menus.

    • PLC and Touch Screen give you reliability that just isn’t possible with computer-based systems.
    • (PLCs are designed for the industrial environment and are at home in concrete plants.)
    • Automatic self-tuning keeps your plant at peak trim all the time, eliminating batch weight errors and wasted product
    • On Screen Digital Scale Displays
    • Easily Upgradeable
    • Easy Online Software Upgrades

BatchTron II Batch Plant Control


Get the most out of your concrete batch plant by running it with a BatchTron II automatic batching control system.

    • All of BatchTron I Features, INCLUDING PLC and Touch Screen
    • Any number of scales, up to 3 cement plus 2 waters and 6 admixtures to handle larger plants
    • “Bin Mapping” allows you to assign different ingredients to the same bin and choose their batching sequence
    • Build-in mixer moisture controllers
    • Local Inventory Management for every ingredient, visual bar graph of on-hand amount on batch screen

BatchTron III Automatic Concrete Plant Control System


Just a glimpse of tomorrow – available today with Batch Tron III concrete plant automation!

    • All the BatchTron I and II Features, PLUS a larger 10.4″ color TFT screen
    • More ingredients, up to 14 solid ingredients plus 2 waters and 12 admixtures to handle the largest plants.
    • 150 formulas standard, plus optional larger program memory for the most demanding applications
    • Tailored to all concrete batching applications. Engineers ensure that the system fits your plant exactly. Special features and machinery are no problem.
    • Available as a free standing console or wall mount cabinet

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