Concrete Plant Mixers and Mixer Washout

The technology behind concrete mixers has changed. Different applications require different mixing styles. FESCO Direct offers a complete line of concrete mixers and mixing equipment, accessories and parts for central mix, continuous mix, product mix, and other large and small concrete plants.

Ocmix RG Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer


The Ocmix RG twin shaft concrete mixer is a leader in heavy duty twin shaft concrete mixer technology;  it combines an extra-rigid frame with work proven power train and innovative shaft seals that can last for the life of the concrete mixer.  Ocmix RG is ideal for high speed production of wet precast, SCC and ready-mix concrete.

Because the mixing occurs in free space above the concrete mixer floor, the wear on the liner plates is very low.  Ocmix’s extra hard wearing liner and paddles, high-efficiency gears and reliable shaft seals give it the lowest running cost of any twin shaft concrete mixer on the market.

11 sizes ranging from 3 cu yard input to 16 cu yd input (2 cy yd output to 10.5 cu yd output)

Ocmix SF Planetary Concrete Mixer


The Ocmix SF planetary concrete mixer is a leader in planetary concrete mixer technology; it’s wide pan and multi-star mixing action gives fast and complete mixing with no dead zones. Large, fully sealing discharge doors and scooped paddles discharge even SCC with ease. Low sidewalls and wide open access covers make access easy and safe.

10 sizes ranging from .5 cu yd input to 6 cu yd input (.3 cu yd output to 4 cu yd output.)

Reversing Drum Concrete Mixers


This high intensity reversing drum concrete mixer discharges simply by reversing the direction of the rotation, eliminating a complicated tilting mechanism and hydraulics. The resourceful mixing blade arrangement and the non-tilting drum minimized wear and operates extremely quietly.

The unique charge chute design is made to swing out of the way for easy access to the drum when you have to replace liners or perform other maintenance. The added accessibility will save time and make the job easier and safer for personnel.

The drum rests on four sets of rubber drive wheels to minimize the noise and make the concrete mixer operate extremely quiet. In addition, the concrete mixing drum only rotates in one plane which reduces the vibration substantially.

Horizontal Concrete Mixer


This horizontal concrete mixer is the premier horizontal concrete mixer in the industry. The fast mix time of 1 minute is among the shortest in the world!

The compact design ensure that even the largest  capacity models can easily be transported.

12 sizes ranging from
1.5 cu yard  input
to 13 cu yard input.

horizontal-concrete-mixer-brochureHorizontal Concrete Mixer Brochure
horizontal-concrete-mixer-video Horizontal Concrete Mixer Video

XC Continuous (“Pug-Mill”)


The XC Continuous (“Pug-Mill”) mixer is designed to produce mixed concrete based on proportioning by volume or weigh belts. The material is mixed as it progresses down the length of the mixer, giving a continuous stream of mixed concrete suitable for RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), mine backfill and other less critical high-volume applications

4 sizes (input and output are the same)

130 cu yd/hr; 195 cu yd per hour; 260 cu yd per hour; 390 cu yd per hour

Concrete Mixer Wash Out System


Gain 15-30 minutes of extra production time every day you operate with the addition of our high powered automatic concrete mixer wash out system.

This automatic high pressure concrete mixer washout works for all types of concrete mixers. Easily installed rotation jets, a high pressure pump and water reservoir are the heart of this highly effective, reliable and flexible solution that automatically cleans concrete mixers.

Concrete Mixer Washout Systems SAVE YOU MONEY!

    • gain extra production time
    • reduced maintenance costs
    • less man hours used during cleaning

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