Concrete Reclaimers & Recycling Systems

Concrete reclaiming systems are used for disposing of unused concrete before it dries. Concrete reclaiming systems enable unused concrete to be separated back to the original aggregates, and gray water. The separated aggregates are reusable for future mix, and the even the gray water may be reclaimed or separated.

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Calculate Your Savings!

Producers choosing to reuse their recovered aggregates are not only choosing a responsible and environmentally friendly solution for waste concrete… They are also able to save money!

Use or cost savings calculator to see how much money reclaiming and reusing your wasted aggregates can save your business.

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Model M6 Concrete Reclaimer


Suggested Plant Types:

  • Precast Plants
  • Products Plants
  • Mobile Mix (portable)
  • You-Cart type operations

Capable of reclaiming 2-3 yd/hr (2.7m/hr), the M6 handles the small loads you need without the price or size of a large reclaimer.

Model X1 Six Shooter Concrete Reclaimer


Suggested Plant Types:

  • Small Ready Mix Plants
    • 1-6 trucks
    • 1 truck discharge
  • Precast & Pipe Plants

The Model X1 Six Shooter is ideal for plants with lessor amounts of daily waste concrete, up to 30 yd/hr (27.4m/hr).

Model B Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer


Suggested Plant Types:

  • Mid to Large Sized Ready Mix Plants
  • 7-30 trucks or more in fleet
  • 2 truck discharge at once

The model B Snubnose Reclaimer is a workhorse capable of reclaiming up to 1 yd/min (.9 m/min) or 60 yd/hr (54.8m/hr). The Snubnose reclaimers at twice the rate of most competitive models.

Model X2 Double Wide Six Shooter Concrete Reclaimer


Suggested Plant Types:

  • Small/Mid Ready Mix plants
    • 2 truck discharge at once
  • Precast Plants
  • Prestress Plants

The X2 Double Wide Six Shooter is ideal for plants with lesser amounts of daily waste concrete, but still need the ability to wash-out 2 mixer trucks at once. The system handles up to 30 yd/hr (27.4m/hr.)

Model B2 Side by Side Snubnose Concrete Reclaimer


Suggested Plant Types:

  • large sized ready mix plants
  • 20-50 trucks or more
  • 4 trucks discharge at once

The Model B Squared Side by Side Snubnose Reclaimer offers double the output rates of the Model B Snubnose.

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