Continuous Silo Weighing System

SiloWeigh Silo Weighing System


SiloWeigh tells you the contents of your silo or vessel by measuring the actual weight of the silo and contents to give a true picture of the amount on hand.

    • Cost comparable to a level sensor
    • Indoor display, accurate within 2%
    • Easy to install
      • No structural modifications
      • No need to lift silo onto load cells
      • Install yourself
    • Not affected by weather or extreme temperatures.

SiloWeigh.Net Silo Content Management Software


SiloWeigh.Net is an inventory management and control system that allows you to monitor the weight of material in silos or vessels located across a very wide area.

    • Predict when deliveries will be necessary
    • Manage unlimited number of vessels
    • Capable of weighing both sections of a divided silo and showing each separately
    • Displays true weight; not level or volume (accurate within 2%)
    • No special software necessary, just connect to local network connection

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