Dust Collection

Dry-Batch® – Concrete Plant Dust Collector

concrete-plant-dust-collector Dry-Batch® Concrete Plant Dust Collector by WAM® is specifically designed for dust collection from the truck mixer inlet zone in dry batch plants during filling of the truck mixer.This dust collector is equipped with horizontally mounted filter elements, a compressed air jet cleaning system integrated in the access door and a .

    • Reverse jet compressed air cleaning
    • Maintenance-free air jet cleaning system inside maintenance access door
    • Easy Installation
    • Filter can be fitted in new and existing plants

Hopper Top – Weigh Hopper Venting Filter

wiegh-hopper-dust-vent The Hopper Top Weigh Hopper Venting Filter by WAM® is a small cylindrical venting filter specifically for installation on weigh hoppers in concrete batch plants. HopperTop is a compact venting filter for mechanically filled hoppers. Dust which is separated from the air flow by a single cartridge filter drops back into the hopper after an automatic air jet cleaning system has removed the particles from the filter.

    • Stainless steel flanged body
    • High filtration efficiency
    • Quick maintenance and easy access
    • Maintenance free air jet cleaning unit
    • No tools required to remove filter
    • Easy to fit and retrofit

SiloTop® – Silo Venting Filter

silo-top-dust-collector SiloTop ® – Silo Venting Filters by WAM® are designed for venting of pneumatically filled cement silo’s. Dust separated from the air drops back into the silo after the automatic reverse air jet cleaning system has removed the dust particles from the filter.

    • Low dust emission
    • High cleaning efficiency
    • No tools required for filter removal
    • Easy filter replacement by 1 person

cement-silo-dust-filter-brochureCement Silo Dust  Filter Brochure

WAMECO® – Clamped Round Dust Collector

round-dust-collector WAMECO® – Clamped Round Dust Collector by WAM®  is a high efficiency, versatile, cylindrically shaped dust collector with automatic reverse air jet cleaning system. Can be built in for venting application or used as a stand alone unit with dust collecting hopper.

  • Particularly suitable for pneumatic conveying systems
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Minimum pressure loss due to special air diverter distribution modules
  • Minimizes pressure drop

round-dust-collector-brochureWamco®  Dust Collector Brochure

WAMFLO® – Flanged Round Dust Collector

flanged-round-dust-collector WAMFlo ® Flanged Round Dust Collector by WAM® is a versatile dust collector with a cylindrical stainless steal boy with flanged connection that contains vertically mounted filter elements.  Used for both venting and suction applications

  • Low emission level
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Safe weather protection cover with lockable snap hook
  • No tools for filter removal
  • Comfortable maintenance height

RECOFIL® – Phneumatic Conveying System for Automatic Recovery of Dust

automatic-dust-recovery-system RECOFIL ® Pneumatic Conveying System for Automatic Recovery of Dust by WAM® removes the dust collected inside the filter hopper and conveys it to a storage device. This innovated patented system utulises air pressure from the filter to convey the dust without further equipment.

  • Radically reduces maintenance costs
  • No plant downtime
  • easy to fit or retrofit
  • No dust leakage
  • Reduces running costs
  • No operator supervision required

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