Truck Dispatch & Tracking

Access Unlimited Concrete Truck Dispatch and Tracking Systems

Know where your trucks are, what loads have shipped, what loads need to ship, and what’s behind schedule… at multiple plants… generate yesterdays invoices for audit… all from your office.

Our A/U system (Access Unlimited) is a stand alone system that lets you take control of your ready mix concrete business.  This common sense business tool is designed for ready mix operations and allows its users to manage customers, prices, products, order fulfillment and much more.

Unlike competitors that require purchase of an expensive and elaborate dispatch and control system with features that may be nice but make the system very expensive, our A/U system is scalable, meaning your business can buy the features you need today and eventually add the features you want for tomorrow without breaking your budget like our competitors.

Standard Features Include

  • Product Maintenance
  • Quote Tool
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Order Entry
  • Load Monitoring
  • Reporting
Advanced Features Include

  • Load scheduling
  • GPS / Truck Tracking / Google Maps Intigration
  • Ticket Invoicing
  •  Interface with QC systems
  • Remote Reporting
  • Quarry / Block packages available
  • Accounting Software Interface

A/U is great for businesses of all sizes.  From 1-1000 users.  Improve your productivity, downtown and profits by taking control of your concrete plant business with our A/U system for concrete plants.

Works with most major batch plant control systems. No need to replace your existing batching systems. Call for details.


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