Do Jonel Automatic Control Systems for Concrete Plants Have Manual Control?

Anyone who has ever operated a concrete plant can testify having the ability to operate the plant manually is important. In the even automation goes down, or perhaps a mix design has been compromised for one reason or another, the ability to control the plant manually can be the difference in thousands of dollars. Rarely have I ever been challenged on the importance of an automatic control having a manual way to operate the plant.

One popular misconception is the Jonel automatic control system does not have the ability to operate a concrete plant manually. That is a popular misconception this 100% completely false. The truth is Jonel automatic control systems for concrete plants have manual operation capabilities standard.

The Jonel automatic control systems for concrete plant automation does not use an external panel with toggle switches, push buttons and indicator lights like other popular manufacturers. The reality is that in many cases these manual panels are still running through the same PC and PLC on which the batching software operates. The manual operation features on the Jonel control system are icons on the multiscreen display, just like a video game. Vendors selling against the Jonel product may make claims like the the manual control won’t work if the computer goes down, but the reality is in many cases neither will theirs.

Another important factor to remember when considering a Jonel automatic control for your concrete plant is that it is very affordable for you to purchase a backup PC with the software pre-loaded. In the event of a PC failure this makes it very easy for an operator to simply unplug the power source, monitor cables, and jbox cable and quickly plug them back in restoring complete operation to your concrete plant.

Other popular features of the Jonel concrete plant automatic control system are integration with GPS tracking systems, communication with various accounting systems, multiple plant operation, remote plant operation, inventory monitoring, historical record of batches reduced and much more. More information on the Jonel automatic control system is available at

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