Infern-O-Therm Out of Business?

The official status of Infern-O-Therm, the water heating manufacturer based on New Jersey is… absolutely nothing. Rumors are flying and we have heard just about everything from everybody, but nothing from Infern-O-Therm. We can only assume they are closed and out of business.

As far as rumors running around about Infern-O-Therm, I will say that we are hearing lots of different information, but I can not confirm anything as true or false.

For those of you who are not yet updated, during the week of February 4, 2013 Infern-O-Therm fell silent. Their phone number was disconnected and other correspondence has gone unanswered. We have attempted repeatedly to make contact with representatives from the company but so far we have had absolutely no response.

In the mean time, FESCO Direct has been able to source most of the parts required for Infern-O-Therm water systems and will continue to assist in troubleshooting problems and providing parts as best as possible. Please feel free to contact us regarding parts for your existing Infern-O-Therm equipment.

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