About Us


We are Dedicated to Providing a
New Vision for Customer Satisfaction.

  • We listen to our customers, supplying them with a complete
    solution to suit their needs

  • Provide quality equipment in a professional manor

  • Leverage the power of technology to offer our customers
    unparalleled buying power and experience

The staff of FESCO Direct LLC is experienced in building business relationships and providing solutions to our clients needs. Our sales professionals work with clients as consultants identifying the needs and necessities of individuals and companies, and offering solutions that suit their needs and accommodate their budgets.

FESCO Direct LLC employs a full range of talented individuals to ensure we are able to offer experienced expertise in each of our areas of business. Behind the scenes FESCO Direct has experienced professionals in many area’s allowing us to offer our customers the best possible service.

The History of FESCO Direct

In 1979 Fox Equipment Services Company was established as a manufacturers rep firm in North Central Ohio. The company specialized in concrete production equipment and represented a quality line of concrete plants and accessories as well as provided consulting services throughout the region. Several years later, the principle’s and sales staff of Fox Equipment Services Company were absorbed by the batch plant manufacturer they represented, continuing their efforts working directly for the manufacturer.

In 1992, the original principle’s of Fox Equipment Services Company, re-established a company adopting the name FESCO using the first letter of each word in the name of original company. FESCO was established this time as a manufacturer of laser printer toner cartridges. At the time, FESCO was one of the few companies engaging in this business, and assisted in pioneering the mainstream acceptance of remanufactured toner cartridges which are now commonly available in most retail and office outlets.

In 2009, FESCO Direct LLC was formed. The name FESCO was adopted, and the term Direct was added to enable the company to assume its own unique identity. FESCO Direct has leveraged the history and experience of its principle’s heritage to focus on selling new, used and remanufactured equipment for the concrete production, wind energy and material handling industries. The company represents over 15 well know manufacturers, and has exclusive distribution agreements with several of them, as well as actively works to locate used equipment to sell “as is” or remanufacture complete with warranty.

Today, FESCO Direct is recognized by most wind energy professionals as a leading supplier of remanufactured wind turbines, and the largest broker of used concrete plants in the country. FESCO Direct is proving their unique brand of quality products, services and unparalleled customer service is what today’s customers are looking for.

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