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Accumulator Concrete Batch Plants

concrete batching plantAccumulative Concrete Plant

Acumulator® Concrete PlantFeatures and Benefits

  • 120+ ton overhead aggregate storage. Operate during non-peak times without a dedicated loader operator.
  • Easy to Enclose. Gain maximum control over moisture and temperature and operate year round by enclosing our plant in a building.
  • Rugged Construction. Built with American steel. Our aggregate bins and hoppers use 1/4″ plate on all slopped aggregate surfaces and 3/16″ on vertical  surfaces ensuring many years of trouble-free operation.

accumulator concrete plantStandard Specifications

  • Std 550 BBL silo. Other sizes available upon request.
  • 14 cu. yd. cement batcher
  • 3 or 4 compartment 120 ton aggregate bin. Other sizes available upon request.
  • 12 cu. yd. aggregate batcher
  • 30″ transfer conveyor
  • 3″ weighed water
  • Batchtron automatic control system
  • 120+ cu. yds. per hour production rating
  • 5 days setup supervision / onsite training

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Decumulator Concrete Batch Plants

High Production Decumulative Concrete Plant

Decumulator® Concrete Plant

Features and Benefits

  • Each aggregate bin is its own scale.  This means each bin can discharge at the same time making this high production ready mix plant capable of producing 150+ cu yards per hour.
  • Modular Bin Design.  Makes transport and install of you plant super easy.  Unload using factory installed lifting lugs and set over the transfer conveyor.  Secure to the ground using epoxy, weld plates or embedded foundation bolts per your specification.
  • Engineered for Expansion. Our standard 20-ton aggregate bin can be easily expanded to 30 or 40 tons at the time of purchase or in the future. Our modular design makes allows you to add one or more bins to this concrete plant in the future without complete major retrofit or rebuild.

decumulator-aggregate-binStandard Specifications

  • 500 BBL Cement Silo
  • 14 cu. yd cement batcher
  • 2, 3, or 4 – 20-ton aggregate bins
  • 30″ transfer conveyor
  • 3″ water meter
  • Batchtron Automatic Control System
  • 5 days setup supervision / onsite training

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Budget Batch

Low Production Decumulative Concrete Plant

Features and Benefits

  • Our most affordable concrete plant. Ideal for budget conscious buyers.
  • Designed for growth. You can add overhead aggregate storage in the future to convert to an accumulative concrete plant.
  • Low Profile. Charge the aggregate batcher directly with a front end loader using a ramp and eliminate costly feed equipment.

budget batchStandard Specifications

  • 270 BBl silo
  • 14 cu. yd cement batcher
  • 2 compartment decumulative weigh scale
  • 2″ metered water
  • 24″ transfer conveyor
  • 60 cu. yd per hour production rating
  • Push button manual control system. Automatic control available.
  • 5 days setup supervision  / onsite training

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 Popular Options

Many concrete plant operators choose one or more of the popular options below. Some of these options may be required because of local codes, project specifications or other reasons. Other concrete plant owners purchase these options for strategic reasons.  Not sure?  Call us at (800) 880-7350.

  • Load Point Dust Collection – 6,000+ CFM, 5:1 air/cloth ratio or less.
  • Weighed Water – Water Holding Tank gravity feeds water weigh hopper. Includes level sensors, load cells and water shut-off valve.
  • Aux Silo for Fly-Ash or Slag
  • Larger Silo / Split Silo
  • 30 and 40-ton aggregate bins
  • 36″ transfer conveyor
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